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Fleet & Equipment

Kinsdale has a wide range of dry bulk pneumatic equipment to meet all of your dry bulk requirements. We are very knowledgeable in the products that we haul; Kinsdale also offers the added versatility in hauling additional commodities and/or more rare products based upon individual requests. Some of our fleet is specifically dedicated to certain products, such as our:

Cement Trailers Lime/Limestone Trailers Plastic Trailers

Kinsdale is also fluent in other products such as sands, catalysts, and phosphates.

Our fleet consists of:

  • 378 and 387 series Peterbilt trucks
  • 9400 series International trucks
  • An increasing number of Autoshift trucks
  • Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel Engines
  • Over 150 dry bulk pneumatic tanks
    • Ranging from tandems to 6-axles to train trailers