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Kinsdale Carriers Limited opened its doors for service in the late summer of 1972 and shortly there after constructed a facility in the small village of Beachville Ontario to house their operations. From the start, Kinsdale has been a family owned and operated transportation company specializing in maximum payload transportation. Founders Graham and Barbara Lowes and their son David worked feverously to exceed their customer’s requirements and expand the company and its capabilities.

Today we are primarily an irregular route carriers specializing in dry bulk pneumatic tanks with the abilities to haul any number of various dry bulk products throughout Canada and the United States. Kinsdale has seen great growth since is conception in 1972; today our fleet consists of approximately 150 trailers and 50 trucks. We dedicate much of our equipment to specific commodities and/or specific traffic lanes thereby allowing us to better meet and exceed our customer's needs. Currently our business plan has us operating throughout all points in Ontario, Eastern Canada, plus the North Eastern and Central United States.

In the late 1990’s Kinsdale moved their operation just east of Woodstock Ontario to a larger and better suited facility. Our Woodstock terminal houses our corporate office, driver training center, dispatch, and maintenance functions This contemporary 44,000 square foot complex consists of a 36,000 square foot shop, an 8,000 square foot office building, and 7 acres of parking all located on a 30 acre parcel of land which is just off the intersection of Hwy 401 & Hwy 403, the major arteries through Ontario.

Our former head office and terminal in Beachville Ontario, is now effectively used as part of our satellite terminal facilities, which has refueling capability, and shower facilities for our drivers. In addition our Beachville facility also houses our affiliate Truck Training School Equitrain Systems Limited. Kinsdale’s other satellite terminals are located in London, Etobicoke and Brampton Ontario, as well as Sherbrooke Quebec.

The most recent addition to Kinsdale’s corporate structure includes the addition of two transloading sites, one in Hamilton and the other in Farnham Quebec. Click here to learn more about our transloading capabilities.

Our First Truck

This 1963 White 9000 has quite a history, but it eventually came to be David’s first truck. From new the truck was on with Labatt’s. When the truck was traded into the dealership a David’s father bought it for Lowes Transport (David’s Grandfathers company), but on their way to deliver the truck to them, the engine blew up and it was decided to repower it with a 6V71 Detroit Diesel engine. The truck was eventually sold to an owner operator that worked for Lowes Transport.

David was able to buy the truck in the late 60’s when an insurance company wrote it off after a roll over accident. David and his father worked at getting it back into operation. It was around this time that Kinsdale was formed. Once they got the truck back on the road, it became David’s first truck as an owner operator with Kinsdale. David and his father used it to haul their first loads from the then Domtar Lime Division plant at Beachville Ontario.