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Kinsdale is very proud of our maintenance facility. A modern, secure, well kept 36,000 square foot concrete structure consisting of 23 overhead, ground level entrance doors. The goal of our maintenance facility is to provide quality workmanship by implementing above standard repair practices, continual employee training, and an emphasis on vehicle safety.

Kinsdale’s maintenance facility is open 7 days per week and is staffed by our well trained personnel. Our facility houses a number of specialized area to further enhance Kinsdale’s maintenance capabilities. We are able to perform the majority of all equipment repairs in-house, allowing us to ensure that our fleet is properly maintained.

The main portion of the maintenance facility is dedicated to the maintaining and preventative maintenance of our entire fleet, while an additional area is dedicated to all aspects of trailer rebuilding and retrofitting. Kinsdale is capable of performing virtually all aspects of trailer rebuilding and all but major overhaul work on power units.

Our facility also includes an attached drive-thru bay which allows Kinsdale’s drivers to have minor repairs fixed quickly while experiencing minimal downtime. This drive-thru bay also allows for the completion of our additional in-house mandatory fleet inspections.

The Kinsdale maintenance facility also houses a 5,200 square foot wash rack which is equipped and capable of handling the most difficult of both internal and external tank cleanings as well as tractor washes.

Kinsdale also utilizes the TMW Suite “Transman” software as our computerized preventive maintenance tracking system to ensure our scheduled maintenance is performed at regular intervals and that our parts inventory levels are sustained. This computer software allows us to integrate with our dispatching department and better schedule our equipment for time both on the road and in the shop for maintenance check-ups.