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Kinsdale Carriers

Kinsdale is a pneumatic dry bulk carrier strategically located in southwestern Ontario. We proudly provide our customers with all of their pneumatic needs through the use of our extensive fleet and capabilities. Kinsdale continues to prove to be the best link between the shipper and their customers. With our fleet consisting of over 50 trucks and 150 trailers and our various capabilities such as our extensive maintenance facility, dedicated equipment, wash bay facility, and trans-loading sites, we willingly customize our services to meet the needs of each one of our individual customers.

What We Do

Kinsdale hauls a variety of dry bulk materials through the use of our pneumatic trailers. Once a trailer is loaded, the product is ‘loose’ inside of the trailer and in order to unload the product, we utilize an aeration system to ‘blow’ the material out of our trailers and into our customers silo’s. Due to our large number of accessible trailers, Kinsdale is able to carry various divisions of weights and products. Some of Kinsdale primary products that we carry regularly include but are not limited to cement, limes and limestones, sands, and plastic pellets.

Coverage Area (range)

Kinsdale’s most travelled routes consists of the entirety of Ontario and Quebec, Eastern Canada, and the North East and Central United States. However, our capabilities reach far beyond these regions to include all of Canada and the United States.

The Changing Industry

Over the past decade the transportation industry has meet increasing challenges in almost every aspect of business. Through hard work and dedication of all of our staff, Kinsdale has been able to continue to met these increasing challenges in areas such as safety, hours of service, and border crossing regulations. We are extremely proud of our people and their ability to adapt and continue to our customer's requirements.

In keeping pace with the evolving technology in the industry, we have upgraded both our maintenance and dispatch processes and in turn increased our efficiency in each department. Through the use of our dispatch software “TMW Suite” and our maintenance software “Transman”, Kinsdale is better able to follow and compute each portion of our day to day operations, while creating a much more functional electronic paper trail.