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Training & Hiring

Kinsdale Carriers selects experienced tractor trailer applicants, they are provided with an extensive three stage hiring and training program, which includes both in cab and in house methods.

Potential applicants spend a day in cab with our driver trainer to determine if the applicant is suited for this particular type of work and it allows the applicant to experience what he or she may encounter on the job on a daily basis.

The next step is our in house training program which includes training in the following areas:

1. Tank loading and unloading procedures
2. Drug and alcohol awareness
3. Pre trip inspections
4. Axle weights (this includes practical experience on our axle scale located on our premises.)
5. Lift axles/multi axles
6. Proper log book procedures
7. Company and customer policies
8. Customs clearance
9. Safe and efficient driving technique

The final stage is a more extensive in cab training session which takes between four and eight days. In this time frame new drivers become familiar with pneumatic tanks (loading and unloading) as well as the different weights, unit sizes, products and customers that they will be dealing with on a day to day basis.

At Kinsdale safety, training and learning is an ongoing process. All drivers receive refresher and new training courses on a regular basis.